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Aquapalace Praha

We have collaborated with Aquapalace Praha on the implementation of software solutions for their operations, including efficient management of paid areas, employee access control, and integration with the hotel complex.

The largest water park in the Czech Republic.

We take pride in our successful partnership with Aquapalace Praha, a renowned and the largest water park in the Czech Republic.

Together, we have implemented software solutions that enable smooth operations and comprehensive service management within the water park facility.

With our software solutions, Aquapalace Praha can effectively manage paid areas within their facility, while the system allows for employee access control to restricted areas, including attendance tracking. We also collaborate on integrating with the adjacent hotel complex, providing hotel guests access to the Aquapalace based on their pre-purchased services.

To facilitate convenient entry and movement of visitors within the water park facility, we have installed and manage a controlled system with turnstiles. We ensure an adequate number of cash desks and self-service kiosks for quick and efficient customer service. Contactless payments are also available for refreshments and other services within the premises. For regular visitors, we have developed a subscription account system that offers benefits and easy payment management.


As part of our collaboration, we have also designed a solution for optimizing the operation of changing rooms. Electronic locks control lockers and storage boxes in the changing rooms, taking into account the occupancy of individual zones. Last but not least, our software solutions are supported by a powerful CRM system, assisting Aquapalace Praha in marketing planning and customer communication.