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IQLandia is a scientific museum that offers interactive educational exhibitions, demonstrations, and experiments. Its objective is to provide visitors with a unique experience and the opportunity to explore the world of science through interactive activities.


To ensure a convenient and efficient museum operation, a comprehensive EPOS solution has been implemented.

This solution encompasses the museum’s entrance system, cashier stations, and a self-service ticket vending machine. This allows visitors to quickly and conveniently purchase tickets upon entry to the museum.

The system also includes paid parking facilities. The parking entrance is equipped with special stands that cater to both cars and buses. The vending machine operates in a combined mode, serving as both a ticket vending machine and a parking payment machine. This ensures convenient on-site payment for parking.

Thanks to the comprehensive EPOS solution, the visit to IQLandia is made even more comfortable and efficient. Visitors can easily purchase tickets and make parking payments, saving them time and allowing them to fully concentrate on exploring and learning through the fascinating exhibitions and experiments offered by the museum.