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Kings Kasino

Kings Casino is a prestigious establishment that offers an exclusive environment for its visitors.


To ensure a seamless and aesthetically refined entry into these exclusive spaces, a functionally and design-oriented solution based on SpeedGate units has been implemented.

The SpeedGate units are equipped with dynamic light signaling, which not only ensures security but also adds an aesthetic element. The hidden edge illumination of the barriers, combined with the communication of sensors with the control unit and the superior system, creates synergy with the dynamic light signaling system, providing a unique atmosphere to the entrance space.

This facility is fully integrated into the superior system through an Ethernet interface, becoming a part of a comprehensive system that Kings Casino utilizes as an element to provide high-quality services to its visitors. The scope of customization and adaptation for the customer includes color and design coordination with interior elements. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a cohesive and harmonious visual impression. Additionally, attention has been given to the ergonomics of operation to make the visitors check-in process as simple and understandable as possible. Thanks to this comprehensive solution, Kings Casino can boast not only an exceptional environment but also an efficient and professional way of handling its visitors, contributing to a high-quality experience and satisfaction for all visitors.